Howrse Acheivement Level 9

REMEMBER: If a horse says "produced by you" or "bred by you" then it needs to be:

a) still in your possession when the Achievements update
b) listing you as the original breeder, normally due to you birthing the foal (although a foundation horse will also show you)
c) have a birthday of or since 30th Oct 2008

Prizes for achieving the whole level (not including individual prizes for tasks):

1 Philotes Pack
5 aging points
3 Apollo's Lyres
2 golden apples

Task 1 - Complete the 8th riding level. (prize 1000e)

Task 2 - Enter 200 competitions (prize 2000e)
- there is no mention of the horses needing to be produced by you, so any should work. However, you'll probably find that normal BLUPing should get you over the amount.

Task 3 - Breeder of champions: win at least 20 competitions (prize 4000e)
- again, no mention of a horse needing to be born to you, although presumably the competition wins would be needed since the 30th Oct for them to be acknowledged.
- first place only, I would imagine

Task 4 - Purchasing power: win a sale at auction of at least 10,000e (prize 1 horn of plenty)
- currently unbolded for me, unsurprisingly! I would recommend anyone doing this one to buy a horse at 10,001e just in case "on the borderline" doesn't work.

Task 5 - Have at least 30 living horses (prize: Atlante's saddle)
- born or purchased

Task 6 - Pass the ninth riding level (1000e)

Task 7 - Game loyalty, I guess - have logged in at least 20 days in the last 30 days to the game. (prize - Medusa's blood)

Task 8 - Be in the top 100th of 2 rankings (breeder or general rankings pages) - (prize - 2 Apollo's Lyres)
- unbolded for me. I assume that you have to get the rankings at the same time rather than one on one day and then a different one in a few days time. When they say breeder or general (overall), it'll be the same ones as the past level

Task 9 - Pass riding level 10 (prize - 1000e and the potential of being able to take a third riding lesson with your horses. Extra lesson would give money, not skills)

Task 10 - Produce 2 unicorns, one male, one female. (prize - 2 passes)
- this has already bolded for me so I'm not sure of the exact needs other than the usual - the unicorns would need to be born since 30th Oct 2008 and still with you at the time of the Achievements update
- I assume that you can get one unicorn from one mare and another from a different horse (on the basis that you might not get many uni foals from one mare before 25 years). I don't know whether they have to be the same breed as the task is described as "cupid" and a couple situation - I have been successful in more than one breed of unicorn.

Due to some kind experimentation from other players, the following appear to have worked:

a) some players have found that unicorns born to them before 30th Oct have counted and their task was bolded automatically when they got there. If you're not planning to breed unicorns anymore and you're happy to wait if it doesn't work, then it would be best to wait and see whether it's bolded for you rather than take on the expense of getting unicorns again

b) Hera Pack Unicorns DO work - we have had a player confirm that they used a zeus' lightning bolt on one of their friesian unicorns to turn it into the opposite gender and the Achievement then bolded after the next update.

horned cowrn mysteries

finally, horned cowrn mysteries no more ...

In order to breed Unicowrns, you must have two of the same breed of Unicowrns. There is no such thing as a cross-bred Unicowrn. You have to get a stud of the same breed to cover the Unicowrn and then you HAVE to accept it at 6:23 GMT time (located in the top left corner of the Howrse page). This could be pm or am, id doesn't matter. If you follow the above steps, there is still only a 1 in 6 chance that you will get a Unifoal. An average of 5 out of 6 times, a regular foal without a horn would be born. However, not all Unicowrns have the same ratio of Unicowrn to non-Unicowrn offspring. Getting a Unicowrn is like rolling a dice, and you need a 6 to get a Unicowrn. Sometimes you roll 3 sixes in a row, sometimes you roll the dice 10 times without getting a 6. It's luck and chance.

Howrse Genetics & Breeding

BLUP – Best Linear Unbias Prediction ||

If you breed 2 fully BLUPed (100%) the inborn skills on the foal should be about 70ish. If you bred 2 horses BLUPed only to about the 50s, then the foal is likely to only have about 30 inborn skills. If you breed 2 negative BLUP horses the foal will be born with no skills.
So we conclude that horses with 100% BLUP will result in the most genetic information (Genetic Potential + inborn skills) being passed to the next generation.
Inborn skills are the skills a foal is born with without acquiring them through training.

Genetic Potential – GP
Is the talent a horse possesses. The higher the GP, the more skills a horse can acquire naturally, the better the horse.

Bolding genetics means you have gained the maximum

BLUPing to 100
Full BLUP – 200 points
20% for age = 40 points
65% for training (stress: rides & training in top 3 skills) = 130 points
15% for 1sts = 30 points

Blup is unaffected by lessons & training & rides NOT in horses’ top 3 skills.

Stars ||
Bluestar indicates that a horse is purebred. All horses that are purebred will have a bluestar.

A greenstar horse is a horse with over 100 in any one particular skill when it comes to genetic potential. The overall GP is around 381.
It takes 80 generations to acquire a single greenstar. If you breed two greenstar horses, and don’t get a greenstar, this may be because of GP and BLUP. If your horses are barely greenstars & you breed with negative BLUP, the baby is unlikely to be a greenstar. To be sure you will get a greenstar, max out BLUP.
Crossbreeding can also cause this. All individual GP’s average out and this can grant an acceptable GP, but no single skill over 100.

Foaling ||
Gender is random.

Coat color is obtained by percentage. If you breed two black horses together, you may not get a black foal. You are more likely to get a coat with a higher percentage.

method #1 : equestrian centre

here is one method for players on howrse that are starting an EC (equestrian centre):

You have just completed riding level 3. Now what? Open your new Equestrian Center [EC].
Choose a name for your EC. [can be changed at anytime]
Choose to allow a forum, public or boarders only. [can be changed at anytime] You will notice you have a maximum of 25,000 equus to start out with.
1. Look at the season, it helps to decide which course of action to begin.
2. Buy only fertile meadows, they cost more but are worth more as pasture and produce higher yields of crops.
3. If it is spring/summer: Buy 3x6 acre fertile meadows. Buy 6x3 acre of seed appropriate to the growing season.
For spring: grow 2 x alfalfa + 1 x carrot,
For summer: grow 2 x turnips + 1 x wheat. Buy 6x3 acre pesticide/fertilizer
If it is fall/winter: Buy a greenhouse Buy 2x3 acre turnip seed Buy 2x3 acre pesticide/fertilizer
4. Plant crops, and wait for first harvest.

It is very tempting to start buying boxes, but will cause you to reset more often then not. Boarders are very choosy and want only the best for their horses. If you are patient and wait until a few harvests, and at least 1 planting of carrots, you will attract more clients [boarders].

Once you have reached your first harvest, BUY A GREENHOUSE. It is a wise investment for the continued prosperity of your EC. Look at your finances: buy seed, fertilizer, and pesticide before making further investments. Then plant all 4 meadows this time. The greenhouse counts as 1 meadow.

howrsing around

For those of you unfamiliar with the addictive online game called howrse, it's a game where you can virtually own your own pony or horse - and even a herd of them. You can own a stable where others can board their horses and you can breed and compete horses.

It's great for down time. It makes my head chill out a bit and on the days I can't spend tons of time with my pony outside, it's great to fill that time.

I reccommend it, and on this blog I will post helpful information and facts as I learn them.